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Round 1, Challenge 001 - Voting 
14th-Oct-2006 03:52 am
Hey guys! It's voting time! I'm also sad to say that the following people have been disqualified for failing to submit an icon on time:

bloody_, juliemary1989, butterflysxy, palmaceae,jacklemmon, kate_litouch, lipsofpoison, myst56

I hope to see you guys next round!


-Please vote for the three (3) icons with least quality. Vote for the quality not because you just don't like the style of the icon.

-Comment to this post with your votes along with the reason why you voted for them. If you don't provide a reason, your vote will not be counted.

-Along with your vote for the three icons with least quality, vote for ONE icon that is your favorite. You do not have to provide a reason why you like that icon.


#89 - The icon is blurry.
#78 - Texture doesn't match with the icon.
#56 - The color combination is off.

Favorite icon:
#76 - No reason needed.

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