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Heroes LIMS

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Welcome to heroeslims! There will be weekly challenges during for one round's time period. We eliminate contestants every week, until there will be a last icon maker standing. :) This community is maintained by xsuigeneris and smirke


[x] To participate in challenges and to post, you must become a member of the community. After which, sign up. You can't compete if you don't sign up! Please put "9th wonders" somewhere to show you did read rules.
[x] Icons must be within LJ's icon restrictions. It must be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format, 100x100 pixels, and 40 kb or less.
[x] If you're in the competition, and you fail to submit an icon for that challenge, you will be disqualified, unless you used a skip.
[x] Graphics submitted must not be posted anywhere else until the votes have been tallied, and the results posted.
[x] There are NO pre-mades allowed, meaning all graphics must be newly made, specifically for the challenge posted.
[x] With LIMS, you will be voting people OFF of the competition, except for the voting of ONE favorite icon. Please do not vote for yourself, or tell people to vote for you.
[x] There will be [constructive] criticism in LIMS. If you cannot handle criticisms, please do not join.
[x] Also, please do not take any graphics without consent of its creator.


[x] Entries must be submitted on time. Entries later than the specified deadline will not be accepted!
[x] To submit an entry, post a comment on the post of the challenge you are entering. Please be sure to include the image itself, and the URL, as demonstrated:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

[x] ALL entries will be anonymous through screening of submissions.


The timezone is either on EST [check time] or on GMT +8.[check time]

New ChallengeSunday, 7 AMSunday, 7 PM
Deadline of EntriesFriday, 10 PMSaturday, 10 AM
Voting: OpenFriday, 11 PMSaturday, 11 AM
Voting: CloseSunday, 6 PMMonday, 6 AM
Posting of ResultsSunday, 6:30 PMMonday, 6:30 AM
Posting of Banners [final]Monday, 8 AMMonday, 7 PM

ICONTESTS: heroeschallenge; heroes_stills; haydenicontest; mb_ichallenge; naticontest

LIMS: milo_lims; lafferty_lims; greyslims; alias_lims; fuselage_lims; potc_lims; houselims; bloom_lims; phoenix_lims; marilyn_lims

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